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I believe organizations and communities should be truly welcoming and inclusive — places not just where your voices will be heard, but where your ideas will be woven into the fabric of those places we call work and home.

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Wade Hinton

activist, policy maker, business leader, father, attorney, Chattanoogan

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Wade believes organizations and communities can succeed when they sure every person can be their best selves. 

A Chattanooga We Believe In

Chattanooga has always been my home—I was born and raised here, and now I am raising my family here. Over the past thirty years, we have invested in our city and become a model for the new South; but in order for continued growth and innovation, we must continue to invest in our communities and our people.

I envision Chattanooga as a truly welcoming and inclusive community—a place not just where your voice will be heard, but where your ideas will be woven into the fabric of the community we call home.

Right now, mid-pandemic, Chattanooga and Chattanoogans are hurting, but we’re not without hope. I’m filled with hope because I know what we can accomplish when we come together.

I believe we can have a vibrant downtown, while all our neighborhoods have access to opportunity.

I believe we can say that Black lives matter while still supporting law enforcement, because we believe in both civil rights and civil order.

I believe we can grow business while creating a community of shared prosperity where good paying jobs and housing are attainable for Chattanoogans.

I believe we must meet this moment while investing in our children for an even brighter tomorrow.

I believe we can build back stronger and become a city for everyone.

Signed, Wade Hinton

A Chattanooga You Believe In

I believe everyone should have a voice in our city’s future.

How would you like to see Chattanooga move forward?

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